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Gentleman Bracelet Broad

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Baehring Rough, Silversmith Polish

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16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm, 22 cm


Bæhring  -  Gentleman – Bracelet – Broad

A while back a client of mine, a famous Danish actor, came to me with a Nelson Mandela bracelet that was broken. It was to broken to fix so he didn’t want it repaired. But because it was one of the first in the numbered series, and because it was a present from a South African freedom fighter, he wanted to keep some of the unique markings on this particular bracelet. So I cut out the wanted pieces and build them into a new designed bracelet.

It was a very rewarding experience to work on a piece with a history like that. Through the process I came to think that I would actually like to design a bracelet of my own for myself to wear. This bracelet has now become a part of the Gentleman series. Or maybe I should say bracelets because over the time I’ve designed more versions of it and I change between them accordingly to how I’m dressing that day. I executed all the designs in two versions. One with my signature Baehring surface and one version with traditional Danish silversmith polish finish. I’ve developed my signature rough surface over a period of 10 years and it has become a signature of my silversmith pieces recognized worldwide. I like this surface a lot because it brings a significant unique identity to my pieces and because it’s really easy to clean when needed. The traditional silversmith polished surface I can also recommend. The Danish traditional toned down polish also reflects the beautiful warm colour of the silver that Georg Jensen himself described as the Scandinavian moonlight. Enjoy