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Belt buckle in high end sterling silver quality. Italian grain leather in classic style.


The Cufflinks is an elegant dumbbell model. Turns easily into the button hole.


The high end pocket snuffbox in elliptic shape is designed for portion bags.


Money clip designed for two cards on each side or in combination with bank notes.

Bracelet Oval

With my signature Baehring surface and or traditional Danish silversmith polish finish.

Bracelet Slim

With my signature Baehring surface and or traditional Danish silversmith polish finish.

Bracelet Broad

With my signature Baehring surface and or traditional Danish silversmith polish finish.

-  Gentleman  -

I’ve named the series “Gentleman” because I’ve drawn my inspiration from the classic international gentleman style. I work mostly international where I do most of my exhibitions of my high end contemporary silver hollowware.
I always note that the style of suits exude a relaxed self-esteem that I find very attractive and inspiring.  You are what you are and that’s that!

As can be seen from the following all the products are almost imperishable quality. This has been a goal in my design. Classic longwearing quality. In design and wear and tear the products survive changing tendencies and harmonize with the trend of time. This is the way to create a classic.
All of the products in the “Gentleman” series follow that path. It is the core of the concept to design for quality, beauty, function and last but not least Classic style.

The ”Gentleman” series consists of a belt with Silver buckle,  Cufflinks, Snuffbox and Cardholder. All in high quality sterling silver. The design and development of the series has always been based on my own needs and use for many years. Therefore I know that they work optimally and radiate classic high quality, in everyday life as well as at the party.

The products are all very well suited as a present for the classic man and for the young man becoming one.

The Belt with its classic designed silver buckle is executed in an almost imperishable quality. The leather is high end Italian Grain leather with a polished edge and 30 mm wide. I myself own two belts, one for work and everyday use and one for evening use in suits as well as jeans. Both belts are, after daily wear and tear, more than 20 years old.

The Cardholder and the cufflinks I personally only use outside the workshop when I dress up for special occasions. Other classic men may have the need for being dressed for business in their everyday life. The style and quality of these products works equally well for business and pleasure.

The snuff box is the latest addition to the series. My Swedish brother in law stopped smoking and turned to snuff instead. I thought it was a big deal that he stopped smoking and made a present of a newly designed snuff box to him. I designed this snuff box in an elliptic shape to slide easily into the pockets of jeans as well as suits. This is ten years ago and he enjoys it every day and he still doesn’t smoke. The box easily works with mints, gums and we even made a special edition for lucky charms for a superstitious athlete.

All products are with their classic design and smooth surface well suited for engravings or reliefs. This can be customised individually on request. If so desired please contact us through the links next to the individual products.

Sedan 1993

Welcome to Bæhring design.

Bæhring is a multiple award winning design studio and workshop. Our basic activity has for 25 years been top quality contemporary silver hollowware for a fastidious European clientele.

In the later years design and accessories has become a growing interest for us so that we now carry a growing range of products for modern exclusive living in the same high unique quality as our silverware. Enjoy

Lasse Bæhring


Lasse Baehring Silver Design